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A Danskaravaan evening consists of workshops, performances and dance parties. During the workshop, the participants can learn the basic principles of a certain dance culture; later that evening they can implement their knowledge during the dance party. Due to this personal experience, the audience may see the apparently casual movements of the professional artists in a different light. This is where integration starts: by participation and exchange.

Danskaravaan 1998, Den HaagDanskaravaan 1999, Den HaagDanskaravaan 2000, Den HaagDanskaravaan 2001, RotterdamDanskaravaan mei 2002, Den HaagDanskaravaan sept 2002, AmsterdamDanskaravaan mei 2003, Den HaagDanskaravaan sept 2003, Amsterdamdanskaravaan mei 2004, Den Haagdanskaravaan juni 2005, Den Haag

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