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With beautifully decorated mirrors and stained glass, the Spiegeltent evokes the colourful lamps, tapestry and rugs of African tents, Asian temples and Oriental mosques. Traditional dances, like belly dance or African dance, are often group dances and the circular Spiegeltent offers the dancers the intimate atmosphere they need to fulfil their dances. The round shape of the tent also tempts the audience to join in the dance.

Danskaravaan 1998, Den HaagDanskaravaan 1999, Den HaagDanskaravaan 2000, Den HaagDanskaravaan 2001, RotterdamDanskaravaan mei 2002, Den HaagDanskaravaan sept 2002, AmsterdamDanskaravaan mei 2003, Den HaagDanskaravaan sept 2003, Amsterdamdanskaravaan mei 2004, Den Haagdanskaravaan juni 2005, Den Haag

Spiegeltent Moulin RougeSpiegeltent Palais de Glace